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Real Estate Law is an important part of the real law, constituting a major part in the conflicts related to real law in Turkey. Real estate law is a broad and challenging branch of law, containing many details and exceptions. Those who operate in this field without receiving legal consultancy encounter many challenges and are under the risk of experiencing serious difficulties in the future. Furthermore, the real estate ownership right of foreigners has been becoming elaborate in Turkey.


tokbaş & partners provides real estate law service to real estate companies, construction companies and persons thanks to its command of consumer law in the real estate sector.  Such services are conducted individually as consultancy services and official attorneyship services. Services offered by tokbaş & partners in this area can be detailed as follows:

real estate law

1.       Draft and monitor purchase-sale agreements

2.       Determine your financial status and real estates according to your desire

3.       Real estate financing consultancy

4.       Real estate expertise service

5.       Monitor and draft real estate sales promise agreement

6.       Legal consultancy for real estate purchase & sale transactions, rentals, and real estate ownership of foreigners

7.       Investigation and assessment about the legal and monetary status of real estates

8.      Monthly follow-up of rental payments for the real estate; annual follow-ups for real estate and rental income

9.      Due diligence

10.    Monitor and draft mortgage agreements

11.    Establish liens

12.    Monitor and draft construction agreements

13.    Perform necessary procedures at relevant public organizations and institutions

14.    Monitor and draft flat for land construction agreements

15.    Monitor and draft rental agreements

16.    Consultancy for controversies resulting from property law

17.    Close follow-up of legislation and briefing to the client about the subject

18.   Control projects for compliance to environment legislation

19.    Intermediary and attorney services by our attorneys for real estates you desire to purchase or sell

20.   Title deed transactions

21.    Draft rental contracts to ensure legal safety of your real estates in Turkey through our lawyers and intermediary services in rentals

22.   Legal consultancy service to local or foreign real and legal persons in order to analyze and minimize risks prior to real estate purchase and sale

23.   Draft management plan

24.   Give response to requests for verbal and written legal opinion

1.       Adequate pay claims

2.       Actio negatoria

3.       Lawsuits related to establishment of any type of easement

4.       Lawsuits arising from mortgage controversies

5.       Actions of replevin

6.       Lawsuits for elimination of joint ownership

7.       Actions of expropriation

8.      Controversies resulting from the flat for land law

9.       Lawsuits to determine rental price

10.   Action for pre-emption

11.    Title deed cancellation and registration actions

12.    Follow-up of lawsuits and disputes between the Directorate of Title Deed and individuals

13.    Actions for correction of errors existing at title deed records

14.    Action for ejection