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law of contract 

Law of Contract is a basic law field which provides an overview to contracts within almost all private law fields and examines from a technical perspective the issues like liabilities, penal sums, terms, and rights, discussing the methods for establishing and interpreting contracts. It is not sufficient to open contracts for discussion after conflicts occur; the contracts must be formed after all possibilities are discussed during the stage of building the contract. Therefore, any contract must be built by an attorney-at-law.


tokbaş & partners provides law of contract service to companies and persons thanks to its command of law of contract. Such services are conducted individually as consultancy services and official attorneyship services. Services offered by tokbaş & partners in this area can be detailed as follows: 

consultancy services :

official attorneyship services:

tokbaş & partners provides consultancy service for drafting, controlling and interpreting the contract types listed below.


1.       Subscription agreements

2.      Agency contracts

3.      Assignment of claims - transfer of liabilities contracts

4.      Purchase - sale agreements

5.      Infrastructure lease agreements

6.      Interconnection contracts

7.      Loan agreements

8.      Donation agreements

9.      Press employment contracts

10.   Current account agreements

11.    Charter, depot agreements

12.   Consultancy agreements

13.   Maritime trade agreements

14.   Time share vacation contracts

15.   Vertical contracts

16.   Distributorship agreements

17.   TV series production and licensing agreements

18.   Edition agreements

19.   Contract of work

20.  Film production and distribution agreements

21.   Franchising agreements

22.  Warranty agreements

23.  Real estate sales promise agreements

24.  Confidentiality agreements

25.  Service contracts

26.  Shareholding contracts

27.  Service agreements

28.  Release agreements

29.  Pharmaceutical distribution agreements

30.  Pharmaceutical development agreements

31.   Pharmaceutical manufacturing agreements

32.  Concession contracts

33.  Construction agreements

34.  Mortgage agreements

35.  Employment contracts

36.  Joint ventures agreements

37.  Door step sales agreements

38.  Contract of bailment

39.  Rental contracts

40. Know-how agreements

41.   Commission contracts

42.  Consignment sales agreements

43.  Housing financing agreements

44. Credit agreements

45.  Leasing agreements

46. License agreements

47.  Distance sales agreements

48. Heritage distribution agreements

49. Consultancy agreements

50.  Freight contracts

51.   Offset agreements

52.  Partnership agreements

53.  Player agreements

54.  Loan agreements

55.  Contract of support for life

56.  Package tour agreements

57.  Advertising contracts

58.  Roaming agreements

59.  Royalty agreements

60. Insurance agreements

61.   Drilling, production and rehabilitation agreements 

62.  Liability agreements

63.  Sponsorship agreements

64.  Athlete agreements

65.  Corporate charters

66.  Arbitration agreements

67.  Arbitration agreements

68.  Installment sales agreements

69.  Contract of carriage

70.  Supply agreements

71.   Copy right agreements

72.  Brokerage agreements

73.  Contract of exchange

74.  Satellite broadcasting license agreements

75.  Production share agreements

76.  Will

77.  Contract of mandate

78.  Attorney agreements

79.  Attorney agreements

80.  Tax distribution agreements

81.   Building contracts

82.  Publishing agreements

83.  Licensing agreements

84.  Management agreements

tokbaş & partners offers the following official attorneyship services in order to eliminate the conflicts arising from the contract types above.


1.       Follow-up of lawsuits arising from breach of agreement

2.      Follow-up of declaratory actions arising from elimination of different interpretation of contract

3.      Reconciliation between parties to agreement by gathering them