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labor law

Labor law is divided in two main topics: individual labor law and collective labor law. It addresses relationships between individual employees and their employers as well as relationships arising from labour contracts and syndicate law . Besides, the labor law also deals with employee's social security rights and has a very broad and common use.


tokbaş & partners provides labor law service to employers, syndicates and employees thanks to its command of labor law. Such services are conducted individually as consultancy services and official attorneyship services. Services offered by tokbaş & partners in this area can be detailed as follows: 

consultancy services :

Official Attorneyship Services:

1.       Control and implementation of employment contracts

2.      Prepare for the stage of termination of employment terms; execute control of termination under contract

3.      Draft release forms and warning letters required in the labor law field

4.      Prepare and control employment contracts

5.      Control compliance for employer's words and behaviors against the agreement

6.      Control and monitor employee's personal file, annual paid leave book, job attendance schedules, employee payrolls

7.      Control liabilities of employer regulated by the labor law and ensure compliance thereof to the law by eliminating the shortcomings

8.      Control and regulate union rights and activities of employer

9.      Perform TIS investigation and control compliance to TIS

10.    Give response to requests for verbal and written legal opinion

  1. Actions for termination of employment contracts

  2. Claims for damages arising from job accident(s)

  3. Reemployment lawsuits

  4. Severance and notice pay lawsuits

  5. Actions to determine insurance holder status

  6. Actions for interpretation of agreement

  7. Social insurance lawsuits