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Competition Law is composed of regulations to ensure balanced and uniform implementation of the competitive system in free market economy. The purpose of competition law is to prevent agreements, decisions and practices that may hinder, disrupt or restrict the competition in goods and service markets and to prevent market-dominating enterprises from abusing their power and to introduce necessary regulations and controls accordingly in order to ensure protection of competition. In parallel to the developments in the economy and advertising industry, the competition law has recently been a highly current and widely discussed field.


tokbaş & partners provides competition law service to companies and persons thanks to its command of competition law. Such services are conducted individually as consultancy services and official attorneyship services. Services offered by tokbaş & partners in this area can be detailed as follows: 

consultancy services :

official attorneyship services:


1.       Audits and arrangements under competition law for mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

2.       Legal monitoring and regulations for misuse of dominant position

3.       Legal monitoring in the context of permits, exemptions and negative clearances

4.       Monitoring under competition law after Privatization Practices and Tenders

5.       Consultancy on the Procedure for Investigation and Research by Competition Board

6.       Provide necessary information and documents about vertical agreements in competition law

7.       Ensure legal control for Inter-enterprise Agreements, Decisions of Association of Undertakings and Concerted Practices

8.      Monitoring of concentrations

9.       Give response to requests for verbal and written legal opinion

1.       Monetary and spiritual damages arising from unfair competition

2.       Actions for nullity for administrative fines and sanctions

3.       Submissions for exemption

4.       Representation during investigations of Competition Board

5.       Claims for damages arising from breach of Competition Law

6.       Declaratory action for breach of competition