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Commercial Law is an important field of law discussed under three topics, namely commercial enterprise law, securities law and partnerships law. Regulating the entire business life with an attempt to take it under control, this field of law is the vital point for a healthy business.


tokbaş & partners provides commercial law service to companies and dealers thanks to its command of commercial law. Such services are conducted individually as consultancy services and official attorneyship services. Services offered by tokbaş & partners in this area can be detailed as follows: 

1.      Monitor and draft agency agreements

2.      Monitor and regulate current account relations

3.      Monitor and draft distributorship agreements

4.      Monitor and draft franchising agreements

5.      Monitor and draft shareholding agreements

6.      Monitor and regulate stock and securities as well as other transactions under capital market law

7.      Due diligence

8.     Monitor and draft construction agreements

9.     Establish and monitor contact offices

10.   Audit operating ledger and other commercial books

11.     Monitor and draft Joint Ventures agreements

12.    Monitor and draft know-how agreements

13.    Monitor and draft leasing agreements

14.    Monitor and draft licensing agreements

15.    Monitor and draft goods-service purchase agreements

16.    Brand protection

17.    Monitor and draft sales agreements

18.    Monitor and draft sponsorship agreements

19.    Monitor and arrange books and records for company's general assembly meetings and other legal obligations

20.   Monitor and arrange for company mergers and acquisitions

21.    Draft corporate bills of exchange

22.   Control and monitor bills of exchange given to the company

23.   Monitor commercial invoices

24.   Draft and check commercial agreements

25.   Monitor and draft commercial loan agreements

26.   Legal consultancy for investment at organized industrial zones and free zones

27.   Legal consultancy for investments of foreign companies in Turkey

28.   Legal consultancy for investments of local companies in foreign countries

29.   Control and arrange articles of association and establishment procedures of local and foreign companies

30.   Monitor and draft management agreements

31.    Give response to requests for verbal and written legal opinion


1.       Unfair competition lawsuits

2.       Bankruptcy and suspension of bankruptcy cases

3.       Brand-patent applications and actions

4.       Action of debt for companies

5.       Cases to prevent infringement of trade name

6.       Cases arising under consumer law

7.       Cases arising under tax law