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tokbaş & partners

Established by Hakan TOKBAŞ, Attorney-at-law, who is an expert in the field of Consumer Law with key activities and academic studies, "tokbaş & partners" is a law firm that started its journey to render services only in the field of consumer law with an exclusive focus on consumer law , avoiding distractions caused by different fields. "tokbaş & partners"  has attained an important place in time starting with Istanbul as well as many other locations across Turkey including Ankara and Izmir.


Working with many liaison offices and business partner law firms in several cities across Turkey, "tokbaş & partners" continues to take firm steps towards being one of the most effective law firms in the world.


With a young and dynamic team following the fast-changing law rules of our modern time closely and personally participating in the parliament work and law committees, the firm aims to serve its country and clients with practical solutions in a successful manner.  

"tokbaş & partners" is proud to attain the premium quality  thanks to its consultancy and attorneyship services offered to companies and persons from individual sectors.

Advising clients at all stages of trial in a timely and detailed manner is among primary principles of "tokbaş & partners". The reliability and rapport in the relationship between the client and attorney is important for "tokbaş & partners" for undertaking and finalizing both the cases and consultancy.

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